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French Cleat Shelf Plans

French Cleat Shelf Plans

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This is a download file of measurements and CAD files to cut your own shelves for the french cleat wall system. These instructions include dimensions for both a 12" and 8" shelf. The dimensions are scalable to create any size that you would need.

This is a very simple/basic design that can be completed in a few hours with the proper tools and materials. Most tools are common wood working tools and the materials can be found at any local home goods store. The plans will allow for you to create shelf arms and top that can hold a wide variety of items to fit your needs.

This download includes full color detailed PDF instructions/dimensions with the required tool list, material list and cut list. The digital download also includes a variety of file formats for you to import into your CNC softwareThis will allow you to cut the parts out on a wood CNC if you have access to one. **You will need to create your own tool paths.

Check back often for more tool holders and storage solutions for the french cleat wall!
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