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Oak Smoker

Oak Smoker

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Custom Engraving


Version 2.0 is coming soon!  Stay tuned!

You have discovered a CNC carved beverage smoker kit! This is milled from solid oak, and comes ready to use. All you need is a drink of choice and a butane lighter.

You simply place the lower portion of the smoker on top of your beverage.

Place a pinch of flavored sawdust on top of the screen and burn the sawdust with the butane torch.

Within seconds, you will see the flavored smoke fill your glass.

Once you reach the desired amount of smoke, put the topper on the smoker.

Let it absorb into the beverage for as long as you want, and remove the smoker from the top of the glass.

Enjoy your delicious smoked beverage!

Try Oak smoked Bourbon, Maple smoked Old Fashioned or a Cherry Brandy and Coke!

Custom oak beverage smoker with preinstalled screen
1 tin of smoking chips.

Items needed:
Butane lighter
Glass with beverage of choice

If you choose the custom variation, you will need to give a description of the custom text that you want added, or upload a (1 color) image that you would like carved into the top of the smoker. The plain option is blank.

These are great for employee/client gifts, company swag, etc.
Please reach out for bulk pricing.

*Local Pickup Only*

*Lead time is roughly 2 weeks*

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