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Raised Garden Bed Instructions

Raised Garden Bed Instructions

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Its spring time!   You can build your own raised garden bed for under $100!?!

This is an instant download file of instructions to create your own DIY raised garden bed. This is a very simple/basic design that would be a great weekend project and can be completed in just few hours with the proper tools and materials. Most tools are common wood working tools and the materials can be found at any local home goods store. 

The plan directions make a 2' wide x 6' long x 2 tall raised garden bed.  All you need is some 2 x 4s, a few pieces of galvanized steel, some screws, soil, and whatever you want to plant!  As of 5/1/2023 all material to construct (including price of plans) can be purchased for under $100 at your local home goods store.  

This download includes full color 14 page detailed PDF instructions with the required tool list, material list, cut list and step by step instructions.

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